Adventure courses

Tree-top courses? You'll never want to come down!

In our adventure park in Umbria, among the treetops of our forest, walkways, Tibetan bridges, vines, and pulleys will test your balance, coordination, courage, and physical fitness. A different way to experience nature and challenge yourself.

The courses, with increasing difficulty, are suitable for everyone: from the youngest to the oldest. They are completed safely with harnesses and helmets, after an initial briefing from our operators, who will explain the correct behavior to follow.

Safety is guaranteed 100% thanks to the continuous lifeline system.

N.B. For all courses, the necessary requirement to be able to complete them is to weigh less than 100kg.


Junior Adventure Park.
Suitable for children between 110 cm and 130 cm tall.


Easy Adventure Park. Suitable for guests taller than 130 cm who want to try only one low-difficulty adventure park. Recommended for parents who want to accompany their children in the game.


Suitable for guests taller than 130 cm who want to challenge themselves in medium-difficulty courses. Recommended for families with children and teenagers.


Suitable for adult guests taller than 150 cm who want to challenge themselves in high-difficulty courses.

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